Los Social is a lovingly developed marketing and communications agency, founded with a focus on helping small businesses keep up with the bigger brands.

We work with many types of businesses: from bouldering walls, snack products, CIC companies, leisure brands, and even a high street retailer. The chemistry between us and the client is what matters, not what business they are in!

Our school is a development from our in-person and Zoom courses which were extremely popular during lockdowns.

We produce easy-to-digest courses which allow business owners who want to level-up and manage their marketing the perfect amount of information, based on nearly 20 years worth of experience.

Our current and future content includes:

  • Brand Strategy for start-ups and small businesses
  • Content Strategy
  • Ideal Customers and how to target the right audience
  • Crowdfunding
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Instagram for Business: Beginners
  • Create Great Content for Social Media
  • LinkedIn for Business: Beginners
  • LinkedIn for Business: Advanced
  • ...and more

Our content is clear, accessible, punchy and fun - and we hope you enjoy it.

Note that signing up for Los Social's school will add you to my Users list, but you will still need to enroll in specific courses of your choice to access content.

"I can do things now I had no idea how to do before - all thanks to Emma's brilliant Instagram course."

- Jane, Essex based Bakery

Phone with Instagram grid being held
Become a Social Media Content Pro

Over the shoulder shot of laptop with Los Social website in view
Develop a Content Strategy that works

Emma thinking by laptop at desk
Be informed and become inspired

Emma covered in colourful sticky notes

Hi, I’m Emma

I'm an ideas person and love being creative - whether it's doodling, lino-printing, painting with a prosecco in hand, or coming up with ideas for my business and my clients.

My work is part of my list of passions and my digital courses are a way of me passing on my experience in an engaging way with those who I may not get to meet IRL.

If you're a business owner who needs a little direction, support or guidance - you'll find it with me!